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Years of experience in the business have helped us develop relationships that we utilize for your benefit. Such as the relationships we’ve developed with our lenders to ensure you receive the best rate possible. Apply now with our 100% secure credit application and start your nicer, newer, car journey today.

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Why Tempe Auto Plaza 101 is the Best Place to Buy Used Cars

Why settle for less if you can have the best, especially when it comes to finding the perfect used car? Here at Tempe Auto Plaza 101, we have the finest selection of pre-loved cars that you can buy. We ensure that each model that we sell has a clean background and is checked for any possible mechanical and system issues. This way, you're getting the value of every dollar you're going to spend.

All of our cars are Tempe Auto Plaza 101 certified, which means that it passed our rigorous checks and high standards. It's part of our commitment to providing the best cars at the best price.

We stand by our cars

We stand by the quality and condition of every car that we sell. Each vehicle that arrives on our lot will undergo a series of intensive checks. This is why we can give you a guarantee should you change your mind or if you encounter issues with the car you purchased.

100% secure credit application

You no longer have to save for years to buy a car. We offer 100% security in our credit application. This way, you won't have to deal with the hassle of getting approved for bank loans.

If you have the right documents and credentials, you can get approved within minutes. You can drive your next car right away and enjoy road trips with your family and friends.

The best pre-loved cars!

If you're looking for the best used cars, we are the smart choice. Paired with our guarantee and high standards, you won't won't find better used cars anywhere in the state.

Advantages of Buying Used Cars

Lower cost for better value

Used cars offer better value at a lower cost. Although these cars are pre-owned, Tempe used car dealerships have excellent options for you to choose from. Even better, you can purchase a better model since it has depreciated. 

Lower insurance costs

Gap insurance is no longer needed when you purchase a used car. This is due to the fact that the model has already depreciated, and there's no need for such coverage. This way, you can save more money on top of the initial lower cost of the vehicle. 


About a quarter of a vehicle's carbon emission comes from its manufacturing and transport. So if you're going to purchase a used car, you're also doing the environment a big favor. Also, instead of dumping the car in a junkyard, it can be reused to increase its lifespan.

Well inspected

Used cars have undergone intensive inspection before they are put to the market again. As a result, you get a guarantee that the vehicle is in top condition even if it already has substantial mileage. Also, best buy used cars have new parts to increase their saleability. 

A variety of options

A car buying broker like Tempe Auto Plaza 101 will give you a variety of options. So at a lower cost, you can peruse more options to make the best purchase possible. If you're looking for old and vintage models, used cars will offer endless options.

How to Find the Best Used Car Dealership in Tempe, AZ

Are you planning to buy a used car? To find the best Tempe used car dealerships, you must keep the following points in mind:

Consider how long the dealer has been in business

Many years, or even decades, in the industry says a lot about a used car dealer. Being around for a long time means they serve their clients well and that they are backed by an army of happy customers. Although rookies aren't always bad, they often pose a higher risk that trusting tried and tested dealers.

Always bank on reputation

Consider how the car dealer fares in the used car community. You can check them out on YELP and other review sites that rate car dealers. This will give you a better picture of how they treat customers and the quality of cars they offer.

They must have onsite visits

It’s not enough that the dealer has a car buying broker website; they must always have an onsite location. Of course, you’d want to check the cars and see how it looks personally.

Honesty is still the best policy

Stay away from bait and switch dealers who will lure you to buying a different model. Remember that a good car dealer is the one who also listens and not just talks. If the salesperson just keeps on pushing you to upsell and buy a different car than what you’re looking for, look somewhere else.

How Does Used Car Dealership Work?

Tempe used car dealerships buy cars from wholesalers or auctions then resell them to make money. Some of them also perform trade-ins with car owners. From there, car dealers will advertise the cars and sell them to interested buyers.

tempe used car dealerships

Is it Better to Get a Car From a Dealership?

Tempe used car dealerships offer a wide range of vehicles if you're looking for a new ride. Used car dealers ensure that every vehicle they offer is roadworthy and has passed a rigorous inspection. This includes checks on the glass, tires, lights, mileage, and hydraulics.

It's much better to buy a car from dealers if you're looking for a warranty. Ensure everything is included in the fine print to guarantee that you are covered should issues arise after you bring home your used car.

Another advantage of buying a car from a dealer is in-house financing. Most private sellers will only accept cash in full. Although you can apply for a bank loan, it may take a long time and there are no guarantees.

Buying your car from a dealer like Tempe Auto Plaza 101 will give you the convenience of quick financing. You will be pre-approved within minutes for a faster purchase.

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What Happens if You Buy a Car From a Dealership?

A car buying broker or dealer will show you the options first. Once you have decided on a car, you must ask for the vehicle's complete records and history. You can also take the car on a test drive to see if you really like it. Similar to buying a brand new car, the vehicle title will be transferred to your name. You should ask for warranties and any protection if problems occur after closing the deal.

If you don’t plan to pay in cash, you can apply for a pre-approved loan. Most dealers offer this in-house to encourage more buyers. Loan terms shouldn’t be longer than 60 months, and some dealers may require a certain amount as a down payment.

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